Who else missed 4,000% APY for PIZZA:ONEUP Dieselpool? DeFi generates best Passive Income on Hive



Yesterday, I was so fortunate to have been one of the first eyes that spotted @Flauwy's Discord announcement on Hive concerning PIZZA:ONEUP dieselpool on tribaldex. Here's the link to the PIZZA:ONEUP pool. The prompt read thus:

... we have teame dup wih tha PIZZA community and ceated a PIZZA:ONEUP pool with some steaming rewards in ONEUP, PIZZA and HIVE...

In fact, the reward structure for Liquidity providers on the PIZZA:ONEUP pool was just mouth watering - ONEUP, PIZZA and HIVE. That as a huge combo for me and that, I hurried to gather some PIZZA and ONEUP to join the pool. Amazingly, I met the pool at an early stage with over 4,000% APY. I added one of the earliest pools and that kept my little volume of tokens added at 7.4% of the entire pool size.

It is quite surprising to wake up today to see that my share of the pool shrinked to 0.309% showing that there has been a massive addition to the pool in the last 24 hours. The APY for the pool has now reduced to 181%. That's the least we gain among ONEUP diesel pools.

PIZZA:ONEUP is ONEUP's third pool on tribaldex in addition to ONEUP:SPT and SWAP.HIVE:ONEUP with 309.0% and 337.531% APY respectively. The first two pools will be running for the next 46 days while the PIZZA:ONEUP Pool would still be up for the next 88 days.

The size of LP rewards is 10000 ONEUP, 500 SWAP.HIVE and 3000 PIZZA worth $2,499 at the time of the pool's creation. That bonus would have outgrown that with the upsurge of Hive in the last 12 hours.


Hive.pizza, a community created by @thebeardflex is a community focused on Games, Music, and more to reward users that understand engagement. The community os also committe to bringing additional value to HIVE and $PIZZA holders. Alredady, there are several use-cases created for PIXZZA token and one of it is in ecommerce as $PIZZA is used to purchase Steam Video Games in the $PIZZA Game Store. Moreover, PIZZA now has Four diesel pools and all Four pools have LP rewards. YOu can read more about the PIZZA Project here and here.

It is sexciting that the usecases for ONEUp token are growing daily WHile we await the grand emergence of the gaming creations of the 1UP community, it's cool to fill our bags with more ONEUP via diesel pools. This would help decongest the curating league, thereby still making ONEUP curation still very profitable.

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