Astral Entities AMA 2/1/22


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What is Astral Entities?

Astral Entities is a universe of games in development by Hella Rad Games cryptoreaper and tanzo that will use the same NFT's available now at for all their games in the Astral Entities Universe. The purpose of Astral Entities is to release a number of games with a cohesive lore all utilizing the same NFT's. Developers will also have the option of creating in network official titles and unofficial titles using the NFT's.

There are three games currently in development:


Taergyn is like playing Go with D&D inspired Fantasy characters with an array of stats, classes, and an epic depth of lore. This is the flagship game of the series and is expected to launch Q1 2022.

Discordant Adventures

Developed by kiokizz, is a text based adventure on Discord. Alpha testing for the program is live now on the discord server, but there is no cryptocurrency attached yet. This will be the first game released with a goal of Q1 2022.

The Hunter's Guild

The Hunter's Guild will be a Gamified staking game with an emphasis on the Gamified. On timed adventures, you will be forced to make a number of hard decisions that could take twists and turns in this choose your own adventure.

Many, Many more games planned for release down the line with options being developed for developers to create their own unofficial or official games.

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Official Business

Discordant Adventures

The first Alpha chapters could be ready in 1-2 weeks. Discordant Adventures plugging along.

Map Fun

This is where Discordant Adventures will take place:


It's two weeks on foot to transverse from one edge to the other, and this is not even a speck on the world map of Arcaylia. Arcaylia might be a super earth in size-- Tanzo will double check with the astronomy department.

New Splinterland card

Astral Entity will be the first Legendary Summoner released, and it will be in death.



Can we see the stats of the character that we are currently playing in discordant adventures?

We are currently playing the Discordian NFT in the Discordant Adventures Alpha.

How Many Promos are there in total?

Sketchy will prepare a list. Wait... What? sigh ok.

Here it is:

  • Loremaster
  • EX-01 PCK-OPN
  • Discordian
  • The Candlemaker
  • The Gambler
  • Elite Discordian
  • The Wastelander
  • The Town Gossip
  • The Technocrat
  • Questioner
  • The Scrivener
  • Scaredy8at
  • Early Bird
  • Foundling

Oh! No_Profile has this awesome thing too!

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Where to Buy Packs? or on the wax market. Please don't pay more than 6$ while they are still in stock at the shop. Gold Foiled Sets can also be purchased through the Alpha Presale channel on their discord, and they are also for sale on the wax market above official sale price.

For more information, please check out their official discord and


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