The Earthquake is held by a Dragon Monster. SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge!



Hello, players of the Splinterlands. The theme for this week is dragons. In this post, I'll describe the Djinn Chwala monster as part of the "Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge."
Let's take a close look at it.


Djinn Chwala is an extremely rare monster. You can gain this level 6 card with thorn, enrage, and strike powers by combining 46 cards.


This card possesses all of the necessary survival abilities. Shield with a high number of points, for example. As a result, when attacked by a melee attack, the thorn attack is activated. The Djinn Chwala, nevertheless, vulnerable to arrows and magical strikes. It also lacks the capacity to fly. As a result, he is an easy target for the opponent in some battles. However, we shall examine how these monsters are battled in addition to the earthquake rule.

the battle.png


The number of mana points in this battle is limited to 25 points. Earthquake and Stampede are two additional rules. (Earthquake: non flying monsters take two melee damage at the end of each round. Stampede: The trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled monster is killed.)

Djinn Chwala_lv1.pngAs a shield against the enemy, I placed Djinn Chwala in the vanguard. My monster will be safe because my summoner has the advantage of removing the impacts of earthquakes.
djinn_oshannus_lv1.pngThen I included Djinn Oshannus as a magic antidote & to drain the health points of monsters in the enemy lineup..
merdaali_guardian_lv1.pngI also assigned Merdaali Guardian to Djin Chwala as a healer.
naga_assassin_lv1.pngFinally, I added the Naga assassin. One of the dragon monsters that attack enemies with magic defense. The Naga assassin will attack with arrows and defend against sneak attacks with his speed.

Single line Black.png



With the combination of battle rules and element types available, I predict that the enemy will use the earth element and rely on the Regal Peryton. Because of its flying ability and the addition of magic summoners, the Regal Peryton's is frequently used by bots and many players in the silver league.
According to my observations, the enemy will use earth monsters. And it turned out that I was correct.


Djinn oshannus attacks the failed summoner in the first round. The opponent has prepared the failed summoners to counter magic attacks. Djinn oshannus, on the other hand, did not budge due to his voidability. The dragon assassin and Djinn chwala then slaughtered the failed summoner. An earthquake strikes the opposing monsters at the end of the round.


In round 2, the Unicorn Mustang is defenseless in the face of Djinn Oshannus and Dragon assassins, as well as strikes from Djinn Chwala. Attacks that reduce Djinn Chwala's health points are still allowed. But The Merdaali guardian, on the other hand, always cures him.


The third round.
Because the earthquake impacts of the battle do not affect the tower griffin, it becomes the most powerful monster in the opposing line. When in front, however, the tower griffin is rendered impotent. The tower griffin is an archer monster, after all. As a result, the tower griffin has an easy target for the Djinn Chwala.


In the fourth round, the Regal Peryton struggles with its magical abilities and flying abilities can only survive and receive attacks. Because the Regal Peryton's ability to avoid melee strikes was rendered useless in the face of Djinn Oshannus' magical powers. Then I'm on my way to victory.



Single line Black.png


In this fight, my strategy worked. Of course, with the added benefit of my summoner's ability to overcome the effects of earthquakes. Djinn chwala is also a monster that, thanks to its shield, can withstand melee attacks from the unicorns mustang. Also, the support from other monsters on the backline ensures that Djinn Chwala's defense never breaks during the fight.

I enjoy wearing Djinn Chwala because it has a thorn effect when attacked with melee. And it is available at level 1 of this card. Very useful in both offensive and defensive situations. Aside from that, this card is popular and is a rewards-type chaos card that novice players can obtain.

Long Dragon.png

So, how do you feel about this card in the battle I described? Please leave your thoughts. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my battle!

🍃 Much appreciated. Terima kasih banyak. Muchas gracias. 🍃

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