Attacks That Always Succeed. SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge!



This my entry in SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge!


I'll introduce the abilities of the charlok minotaur card this week in the challenge of sharing the path of your battle in the splinterlands.


The Charlouk minotaur is a fire-type card that I obtained during a reward session early last year. The card I currently have is still at level 1.


The current estimated price per card is $0.10
Because the mana cost is only 8 points, I frequently use this card in high-mana battles. True Strike is the ability possessed by this card. This monster's attacks are unstoppable.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, I frequently play this card in large mana battles. Because this is a battle tactic that involves using monsters with high attack and health points.


I was given the option to employ the Charlok minotaur specifically for this fight. The battle has a score restriction of 38 mana points. In addition, there are two more rules: opportunity and stampede. I choose to summon the fire element's summoner tarsa.

Melee monsters can attack from any place thanks to their opportunity ability. Then I put my creatures in a line as shown in the image.


The fight's progress can be seen at the following link:



11.pngI used the living lava as a sturdy wall in the front row. His shield ability reduces the damage dealt by melee assaults..
for.pngI chose this monster because of its high attack and defense points.
char.pngBecause of its great attack power, I use this. also, the striking ability that hits the opponent square in the face.
exp.pngI use this to attack the opposing monster and deal damage to its sides.
ant.pngDespite their low point total and scavenging talents, they are regarded as a part of this team.
toi.pngI also use this card because of the shield ability and bonus. intending to keep the team safe from attacks from behind.

Single line Black.png


With a mana cap of 38, that's the lineup I went with. The opponent, it turns out, uses life summoner and targets monsters with arrow strikes. The opposition appears to want to focus their best attack on Arbalest Pelcaor based on the line-up. Then use the time mage to slow down my monster's speed. The opponent also positions a shieldbearer during the line as a defender. Time mages have learned how to modify the battle and make opposing creatures miss after many clashes.


The Exploding Rats were knocked out of the combat by the enemy's first set of strikes. I'm hoping the Exploding Rats can do some damage to the enemy ranks. The ant miner is then eliminated as well.
Meanwhile, my forces continue to attempt to remove the shieldbearer.


The antoid platoon and the living lava were likewise eliminated in the second round. However, in this round, the shieldbearer gap was cracked open. Only two creatures remain in my line. The charlok minotaur then got rid of the pelacor arbalestt at the end of the second round and reversed the position in the third round.


The true strike skill is quite useful after round three. Because no attacks are ever missed The opposing monsters were defeated one by one by The Charlok Minotaur.



What are your thoughts about The Charlouk Minotaur?

Fire elemental enemies are my favorite in melee combat and with opportunity abilities. Because the attack power may be increased and attacks can be launched from any direction. The Charlouk minotaur is one of the finest monsters. You don't have to be terrified of foes with tremendous speed or the ability to fly and evade assaults any longer. Because this monster's assaults will undoubtedly hit the opponent.

With his ten life points, the Charlok Minotaur can also withstand 4 to 5 enemy attacks before falling. It's merely that this monster lacks a secondary shield.


So, how do you feel about this card in the battle I described? Please leave your thoughts. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my battle!

🍃 Much appreciated. Terima kasih banyak. Muchas gracias. 🍃

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