1UP diesel pools are offering rewards - so I'm jumping in

Ok so I love a good deisiel pool and I love 1up so it was a no brained to jump in when they combined the two.

Ok so to start off go to https://tribaldex.com/dieselpools/pools

And here you can check the rewards for adding liquidity to the oneup pools, you can get a rough idea by looking at the reward and times it by what your going to add / the new total pool reward

SmartSelect_20211016105821_Hive Keychain.jpg

So I am adding 500 oneup so I should snag about 4% of the pool

Ok we can pair with swap.hive or spt, I'm going for swap.hive.

If you go to swap you can get an estimate for how much you will need to pair and even do a swap for hive if needed

SmartSelect_20211016105600_Hive Keychain.jpg

Ok now time to add the liquidity, choose liquidity and type oneup to get the options

SmartSelect_20211016105657_Hive Keychain.jpgSmartSelect_20211016105732_Hive Keychain.jpg

And there you go, you have added liquidity to the pool and on your way to earn some sweet oneup !!!


This is nice! I just learned about 1UP and now I've learned how to do something with it!